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REAL LULU, Underground Sessions (unreleased, cassette, 1995(?))

Let's rock:

To celebrate my invective return to the blogosphere (veni, vidi, vexavi!), I Remember Dayton presents you, the fortunate few, with these gems of Gem City rock lore. Yes, dear reader, long forgotten by most and dismissed as mere fairytale by those who remember, these coveted tracks come to you courtesy of the faithful stewardship of Mr. Mike Kilbourne (a.k.a. Mite, he of GLEE & BEAK preservation fame).

Formerly a WWSU jock, Mite went on to host an underground rock music show on WYSO 91.3 for a couple of years in the mid-'90s (see the flyer at the top of this post and the newspaper article a little further down -- click on the article to get a readable version). It usually aired from 10-12 p.m. on Friday nights following the legendary Rev. Cool's Around the Fringe show (which still airs today on the same station every Friday from 8 p.m. to midnight -- tune in). Being a good supporter of local music, Mite played a lot of local recordings and often had local acts in to play a few live songs in the studio. And being a man of foresight, he recorded most of them for posterity.

Even Mite isn't sure what the entire list of bands he recorded encompasses, but he told me it includes, inter alia, CAGE, HIP SHAKIN' DADDIES, AUNT BEANIE'S FIRST PRIZE BEATS (recorded during his stint on the Afternoon Excursions program), PASTURES GREEN, JAYNE SACHS, PUZZLE OF LIGHT, CRAIG HOUSTON, TEX, and HEIKE (a band featuring yours truly, although I had forgotten completely that we had played his radio show until he mentioned it). That's right, Mite's got what are probably one-of-a-kind recordings of each one of these titans of Dayton indie rock (and roots) music live in the WYSO studios. And barring a few obsessive individuals who might've taped them, nobody's heard any of this stuff in about twelve years, which makes them just ripe for posting here.

Some things Mite recorded he doesn't have access to right now (by the way, Dennis, Mite wants his DAT back!), but he does have five tracks from REAL LULU playing acoustically.

At the time of this recording, REAL LULU was:

Kattie Dougherty - guitar, voice
Sharon Gavlick - bass, voice
Gregg Spence - drums

According to Mite, REAL LULU appeared on his show twice. The first three tracks in the download package are from their first visit to the studio and feature Kattie and Sharon but no Gregg. But Gregg did come along for the second visit and played on the last two tracks offered here today. As Mite tells it, Gregg's kit for these recordings was a cymbal, bass drum,(either a bucket or trash can) and a coffee can played with pieces of molding.

Mite's best guess places these recordings in 1995. As already documented on this blog (though only in photographs) REAL LULU made at least one other visit to WYSO on Jason Branzina's show in February 1997.

I know I listened to at least one of those shows, and I used to have a recording of it. But although I've torn the house apart looking for it, I can't find it anywhere. However, on the show I taped, I distinctly remember Kattie announcing "Smoking You Away" as a brand new song during the interview segment of the program. So if this is the same show I recorded, then you might be listening to the first public performance of that tune.

Track List:

1. Smoking You Away
2. Nightly
3. You
4. You (with Gregg Spence)
5. Let Me (with Gregg Spence)

Download It! (16 MB) (link re-upped 2-1-2013)

Electrified versions of all these songs would later appear on REAL LULU's debut CD, We Love Nick in 1996.

The version of "Let Me" from that album appeared on the soundtrack of the movie Angel Eyes, starring Jennifer "Gigli" Lopez and Jim "Jesus" Caviezel (2001). And although it doesn't play over the credits, a notable chunk of the song is featured prominently in the film. I don't remember exactly where (I've never watched the entire movie), but there's a scene in which someone opens the door of an apartment and you can hear it blaring from the stereo within. About five years ago, I was working on the computer down in the basement, and I suddenly heard "Let Me" coming through my TV speakers. It took me a moment to place the tune, and when I did, I laughed out loud.

For those who don't know, the "Nick" in We Love Nick is, of course, Nick Kizirnis (THE OBVIOUS, THE KILLJOYS/RAGING MANTRAS, CAGE, THE JET AGE, NICKY KAY AND HIS FABULOUS KAY-TONES, and solo artist too).

There's just one little bit of bad news with this one: Mite's tape cut out just a couple of seconds before the end of "Let Me." It's kind of a downer, but there's enough of the song there for die-hard REAL LULU fans to enjoy.

Two more things before we go. First, thanks to all who wrote through my ongoing stupid crisis. I had some interesting discussions and appreciate all the support. Second, WWSU alum Matt DeWald presented me last week with two amazing finds: (1) a reel-to-reel tape containing either the original or remixed version of "Das Boot" (see this blog entry if you don't know what that is) and (2) a cassette full of old DEMENTIA PRECOX stuff with an additional song each by MOM and BAD ELVIS IMPERSONATORS -- will post soon.

take care



Anonymous said...

It's "Aunt Beanie's 1st Prize Beets," not Beats.

Rowe said...

Oh noes! The Real Lulu download is no longer available! Why must the internet gods mock me.

Dare I hope that you still have access to these recordings? I'm guessing I shouldn't but hope springs eternal.

Nikolas Sanow said...

I second that! Somehow "You" popped into my head all these years later and now I'm on a futile search for anything I can find. Lo! this blog pops up, but the download is gone! Please, I'll surely perish!

Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommend by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

aboynamedstew said...

thank you thank you thank you so much for these downloads and this blog. i was born in dayton and mostly raised in bellbrook (graduated high school in '98, so as it was transitioning from a tiny hamlet to just another fucking sprawl/suburb), and although i was able to gobble up and be obsessed with music from GBV, brainiacs, real lulu, mulchmen, etc. while it was happening, i was just too far outside of the city to see any sort of underground culture. although i do remember picking up several mutant renegade zines from Dingleberry's. i'm sure i've still got them at the bottom of a box somewhere. so this has been a real trip to follow yr blog intermittently for a few years and get schooled on the history of my hometown. my favorite discoveries have been Colavision and MOM. so thank you.

and now, a question i'm hoping you could help me with...i hope i'm not imagining this, but i vaguely remember taping a Real Lulu christmas song off of the radio one year around this time. i have no idea what it was called, or what year, or anything else besides the fact that the song was FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!! one of the best christmas songs i'd ever heard. soooo, does it really exist? did i just imagine the whole thing? any info would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again and take care.
aboynamedstew a t yahoo dirt com