Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FYI: File hosting, new library, and band plug!

First, I finally saw JUNKPILE last night and was suitably impressed. I've plugged them once or twice here, and they deserve it. For a fuller description of what makes them so great, check out the JUNKPILE entry on my Myspace blog.

Second, Martin over at Weezed has graciously offered to host our downloads on his server. I'm taking it for a test drive right now (uploading a big file and making sure there are no download problems). If it all works out (and all indications are, it will), that means no more RapidShare -- no more wait time, no more download limit, no more obscured codes to type, etc. Everybody say thanks to Martin for that.

UPDATE 2-1-2013: Most of the files are now hosted on my Amazon Cloud drive.  Not everything's there yet, but eventually it will be.

And finally, the good fortune of I Remember Dayton continues: the other day Chris Wright sent me a 500 MB library of Dayton punk and indie rock that he has ripped over the years. His contribution includes music by A TEN O'CLOCK SCHOLAR, ASIAN FLEA POD, CIGARHEAD, FREAKSTROBE, IGNITERS, LET'S CRASH, MINK, OMATIC, SPITCURL, THE KEY-NOTE SPEAKER, and THE WEIRD NOW. Dig.

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