Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock of Ages...

Okay, so they're having some kind of show at Gilly's on Saturday, March 14. Here's the link if you want to know more (about "some kind of show at Gilly's..."):

Here's the lineup:

*Dale Walton

*"The Good Will Ambassadors"
(featuring Ed Pittman & Dan Raridan)

*Nick Kizirnis & Jon Dubuc

* "Venus Love Circus"
(featuring Louie Lerma, EL Bean-Lerma & Nate Bean)

If any of those names mean something to you, you should show up. Basically, the show is all about Dayton music of yesteryear. All these guys played some damn fine music in this shitbox town long ago. And now they're going to play some damn fine music in this town again -- should be good.

My only problem is that they're calling it "Rock of Ages." I hate that name. Def Leppard reference... not good. Not. Just not.

But the lineup looks good. The only one I've never seen play before is Dale Walton. I think I was about twelve when he was doing his thing. The others are all a few years after him, so I've seen them in some band or another over the years. But Dale I never saw. So it should be a good night. I'll be there.

take care