Friday, March 14, 2008

Off-Site: THE STOICS at Myspace

I don't remember THE STOICS at all, but I was living in Columbus for the first few years of their existence (they were together from 1994-2004). One benefit of this blog has been learning a little myself about some good Dayton bands that I missed the first time around.

You can get some history on THE STOICS and download four MP3s at THE STOICS Myspace page. Guitar player Mike wrote to me and mentioned that THE STOICS did shows with SOURBELLY, HAUNTING SOULS, LIQUID LEGBONE, MONDULUX and SLAPFIGHT (another Erik Purtle project of the mid-'90s -- Jesus, how many bands did that fucker have?). According to that page, former members of THE STOICS have landed in the following bands:
Anyway, you should download all THE STOICS MP3s and play them over and over. Good stuff.

And if you have more information on THE STOICS, you should post it in the comments. As always, I'm curious.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the stoics! I used to go to like every show. I had a bunch of friends that knew them. I'll have to hunt down my copy of tougher than dinero. Oddballout I think was the other band I loved back in the day.

Matt Meyers said...

I remember the STOICS back when they we're just starting out. I played bass for Liquid Legbone then and we'd play quite a few shows together.