Monday, March 3, 2008

Off-Site: MONDOLUX video at YouTube

Here's a nice professionally produced video of MONDOLUX playing at El Diablo Lounge here in Dayton.

It's from 2002, which kind of puts it out of the range of this blog. I try to limit the things posted here to stuff that's at least 10 years old (figuring The Buddha Den has the recent stuff pretty well covered). But since the last post was Erik's old band X-TREME-UNCTION, I figure this one hits.

For those who don't know, Erik was the singer/guitar player in MONDOLUX. That's him featured most prominently in the video. Dig.

Erik's current band is LUXURY PUSHERS, who are one of my favorite Dayton bands right now (the others being 8-BIT REVIVAL, THE NIGHTBEAST, and the unstoppable JUNKPILE!).

All the links in the previous paragraph lead to Myspace pages, each with at least one downloadable song (wouldn't post 'em if they didn't). However, I should add here that Myspace is probably the most technologically inept site I have ever seen: frequent errors, unpredictable blackouts on services, and recurring inexplicable foul-ups. So if you can't download or if a page doesn't load, or if you accidentally contract hepatitis while viewing a page, it's not the band's fault ('cept maybe if you get hepatitis from the LUXURY PUSHERS page -- that might be their fault). Enjoy!

UPDATE: 4 hours after posting this I try to log on to Myspace and what do you know? The whole site is failing to respond. Can I call this shit or what? Myspace, hats off on fulfilling all my worst expectations! You're nothing if not predictably undependable! That is to say, you suck!

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