Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Off-Site: Link Round-up!

Sites I found that may be of interest to the student of Dayton indie rock history:

Downloadable MP3s
  • Scorched Earth Archives - Navigate to "more sonic values for your enjoyment..." to download everything SCORCHED EARTH POLICY ever recorded.
  • nostromo mOtherworld - Same deal as the SCORCHED EARTH page. Navigate to "vibratory mechanics" to gain access to 16 NOSTROMO MP3s. It looks like this and the SCORCHED EARTH site are both managed by Chris Wright (master web designer and guitar player for both bands), so the MP3s are likely from original masters (i.e. far better fidelity than I could manage from production model records and cassettes).
  • Igniters music - Looks like this is just a directory listing containing 17 downloads.
  • The Jackalopes site and the Jackalopes Myspace page - They only broke up in 2003, so it'll be a while before their back catalog is more readily available, but at the main site, you'll find a couple of MP3s under "multimedia."
  • Nick Kizirnis' Myspace page - One downloadable tune here. Nick will be playing solo this Saturday, March 8 at Therapy. You should go.
Photos & Reference
  • - Chris Wright's web site with lots of current Dayton music and indie culture news (and host to the SCORCHED EARTH POLICY, NOSTROMO, and IGNITERS pages linked above).
  • Concert Photos & Music Information - The title says it all. Archival photos and information on bands of recent vintage, including REAL LULU and MYSTERY ADDICTS, as well as current bands.
  • HAUNTING SOULS reference - Sorry, no music downloads (HAUNTING SOULS recordings seem to be hard to come by these days), but lots of photos and flyers documenting the band's illustrious career in the Miami Valley and beyond -- also a complete list of all the players who came and went through the years (did you know Tim Taylor was a Haunting Soul for a while? I didn't.).
  • Shrug set - SHRUG photos, news, and happenings.
  • Jane Mitakides Rawks Ohio's 3rd Congressional District! - How did this get in here?!?!?!!!
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