Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Off-site: COLAVISION at One-Sided War blog and OXYMORONS (et al.) at Sub-Mission Records

Okay, the first link here is just me tootin' me own horn. It's a link to a nice review, cover scan, and download of COLAVISION's Joan of Arcwelding EP over at the One-Sided War blog. Check out the main blog itself: lots of great 1990s stuff there from Dayton and parts beyond.

Next link is to a download for THE OXYMORONS' appearance on the 1994 Piledriver compilation from... from... well... it was from Sub-Mission Records which was... uhm... somewhere in... Minnesota? Uh, yeah... Minnesota.

No, I REALLY AM sure it was Minnesota. How do you forget the "land o' Minnesota... here come dah Purple Yoda..." (no foolin': that's a line from Prince's latest album -- it's true -- look it up!).

Anyway, I was planning to (and am still planning to) post the Piledriver EP here on this blog at some point. And I'll still do my own rip and post accordingly, but if it's available somewhere else, I'm more than happy to point the reader toward it.

And you can find the address for the main Sub-Mission Records site right here.

That's it for now. But check back in a few days, when we'll be proudly posting the FIRST EVER release from Dayton's legendary CAGE!

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