Sunday, April 10, 2011

Off-site: 3RAIN1AC Live Archive

An anonymous commenter on the recent post for the BRAINIAC/LAZY split-7 added a link to something called the "3RAIN1AC Live Archive." After checking it out, I thought it deserved a post of its own here.

BRAINIAC fans (or really anyone) will find a wealth of good stuff there. There's a pretty good timeline with dates running from Tim's appearance on THE WIZBANGS' demo recordings in 1991 up to some recent ENON activity in 2007. You'll also find a nice archive of live recordings from the band that can be downloaded (in MP3) directly from the site. The only hitch is that the video section doesn't seem to include any video that you can download or watch directly. But there is an e-mail link to get more information on how to obtain any of the six DVD compilations listed there.

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mite said...

Hey Pat,

If you look in the stash of music that Grog gave you a while back before you went on hiatus with the blog, you should find a cassette of early Brainiac recordings. I believe they had 4-songs on the cassette, but the only one I can remember is a slower and less fleshed out version of the tune "Ride" that would later appear on the Smack Bunny Baby CD.

jones() said...

I went through that box pretty thoroughly and don't remember running across anything like that. But I'll dig it out, take another look, and see if I can find it.

take care