Saturday, April 9, 2011

THE METHOD, royce gracie sessions (7", vinyl, 1994)

Once again, the new Jones turntable (a SounDesign -- looks like early '80s -- but warm as toast -- you'll like it) delivers you the finest in forgotten Dayton indie rawk.

This week we deliver up the THE METHOD's seven-inch classic: royce gracie sessions, produced by Simple Solutions in 1994.

Truth be told, I know nothing at all about THE METHOD -- except that they formed some time around 1992 and played 'round Dayton and beyond until the late '90s. And, of course, they were enormously popular (still are today judging by the local enthusiasm surrounding an impending METHOD reunion show).

Unfortunately, the sleeve presents more questions than answers. There's no list of band members. There's a mailing address: 31 Victor Ave., Dayton, but I don't even know where that is. The recordings were made in April 1994 at "fjm studios, dayton." I don't remember anything at all about FJM Studios. A quick internet search reveals that the engineer there was someone named Joe Winner. Apparently, he engineered recordings by several bands from Dayton, Cincinnati, and beyond (as far away as Nashville, TN) through the late '90s. However, he seems to have passed away (and FJM Studios went with him) at some point over the last ten years.

I believe old Nate Farley was associated somehow with THE METHOD, but this is really out of my purview. As with most Simple Solutions releases from the mid-'90s, I don't know much about them because I was living in Columbus or Yellow Springs at the time (hey, ask me anything about FUCKTOOTH zine, Cartwheel Collective, or other Columbus stuff from those years and I'm a fount of knowledge -- ask me about Dayton, and I don't know shit). Yeah... trust me to know as little as possible about the only really relevant period of Dayton music history.

One last thing: I'm pretty sure one or more people from THE METHOD played in THE BREEDERS at one point or another. If you've got more information, I invite you to leave it in the comments. and I thank you in advance for doing so.

Download it! (17 MB) (link re-upped 2-4-2013)

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Anonymous said...

According to Robert Pollard's Family Tree, The Method started in 1990 with Nate on guitar and vocals, Craig-O on drums and Scott Bodine on bass and guitar

Dr. Henry Em said...

the method was great live
saw many a show at network with the mtheod, shutdown, komandoz, karma to burn
as for the method
it was
nate farley guitar vocal
scott bodine guitar
craigo drums and
? on bass it was a long time ago
do you happen to have a copy of
keynote speaker/nostromo split
my cassette took a nosedive and i miss listening to it