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(mostly) Off Topic: THE PERFECT DISASTER, Up (12" vinyl, 1989)

First and most importantly, if you want this one, get it now because if it expires from Rapidshare, I won't re-up the link. Why? Because although it's a great record, the Dayton connection here doesn't really exist on a thread thick enough to justify even putting it here at all.

That being said, here's the third album from England's THE PERFECT DISASTER. The wafer thin Dayton connection comes with the presence of Josephine Wiggs, who would go on to play bass in THE BREEDERS. On this album, she's credited with playing "bass, double bass, cello, backing vocal, piano, etc."

In addition to this record, Wiggs also played on the DISASTER's 1988 EP Asylum Road and their final album Heaven Scent (1990). The rest of her discography, both pre- and post-BREEDERS can be found in the Josephine Wiggs Wikipedia entry. You'll find more at her official web site.

THE PERFECT DISASTER seems to have been the brainchild of singer/guitar player Phil Parfitt, who formed the band as ORANGE DISASTER in 1980. Through the next ten years, Parfitt remained the only constant member. In addition to Wiggs, who joined in 1988, other members went on to play in such alternative rock staples as FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and ULTRA VIVID SCENE. Through the 1980s, ORANGE DISASTER changed names twice (becoming ARCHITECTS OF DISASTER in 1982 and THE PERFECT DISASTER in 1987) and released 4 albums and 8 EPs before disbanding in 1990.

From what I've heard, Up is typical of THE PERFECT DISASTER's catalog: catchy pop hooks with quirky arrangements, garage-style guitars, obscure lyrics, and eclectic instrumentation (most of the last due to the presence of Ms. Wiggs here). It's not too far removed from the usual progressive aesthetic of most 1980s college rock, but it's better than average. Listen closely and you're sure to spot some echoes of THE BREEDERS' debut album (Pod, 1989) and some precursive elements to their '90s followups. In short, if you like THE BREEDERS, you'll probably like this too.

Because my scanner won't accommodate a document wider than 8.5", the download pack here does not include a scan of the cover (if you want to see it, images of the front cover are widely available on the internet). But I did scan and include the credits listing on the back cover.

I snagged my copy of this record when I was working at WWSU, Wright State's campus radio station. When this came out, I wasn't really working there anymore, but I was right down the hall (as associate editor of Nexus, Wright State's literary magazine). So I used to still DJ there informally, and that allowed me to grab records that I liked. This was one of them. Two years later, at the last BREEDERS show in Dayton before they left to tour with NIRVANA, I got Josephine Wiggs to sign this record for me. She was very gracious about it.

Download it! (62 MB)

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