Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Off-Site: ¡THE OXYMORONS! on YouTube...

Another great upload over at Mite Mutant's YouTube site: it's a video of THE OXYMORONS playing "Unearthing Your Grave" at Canal Street Tavern. I'm not entirely sure of the year, but the song plus the length and color of my hair lead me to place this in 1992.

This one actually brought a tear to my eye. I've seen very little OXYMORONS video over the past fifteen years and almost none since Ben died -- strange to see him on stage again playing this song.

My only problem with this video is that the sound is very, very low, but Mite tells me he's working on fixing that and will upload more when he does so.

I don't know why I'm doing the hippie dance in this one. Pretty goofy.

take care



Anonymous said...

How very odd.
Ben sang mostly in key. So did Pat.
I made a (stupid) musical joke. Ben laughed, but it didn't throw anyone off.
Grog didn't step on anyone or knock anything over when he crossed the stage.
We were all tight, the tempo was consistent, and the sound was pretty good.
Must've been an off night.
(Or maybe that was the part Mite edited out.)
I can't wait to see the rest of it. I'm sure SOMETHING goes wrong/gets broken.


The ChickenFish Speaks said...

I put it at 1992 as well given the hair length. Seeing Ben, especially the close-up at the beginning made me remember why I thought he was so much cooler than me. He just looks made to rock-out. Great post and great song...but hey I'm biased.