Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off-Site: COLAVISION at YouTube

I took my last exam yesterday, and I did not realize until it was done just how much this one was weighing on my mind. It was Business Associations 2, the second half of a two-semester class. This section covered close and public corporations, proxy fraud, shareholder voting agreements, fiduciary duties of corporate directors, various sections of the Securities & Exchange Act of 1934, accompanying administrative regulations, shareholder derivative suits, Special Litigation Committees...

At which item in that list did you nod off? For me it was proxy fraud (must've typed the rest in my sleep).

Anyway it's done now, which means I can finally get back to the important things in life: obscure Dayton indie rock bands that no one remembers! Even better: obscure indie rock bands that I played in!

So once again, from Mite's YouTube site, I Remember Dayton is proud to serve up some never before seen video. Here's a pair from my band COLAVISION.

Both of these were shot at the now infamous punk rock wedding reception celebrating the unholy union of Greg "Grog" Simerlink (OXYMORONS bass player and mastermind behind Mutant-Renegade Records & Zine, as well as The Chickenfish Speaks) and Jen Cook (COLAVISION bass player).

The marriage didn't last (no offense, Grog or Jen -- mine didn't either), but the wedding was awesome. They had the ceremony at the Page Manor Twin Cinemas, where Jen was working at the time. That theater itself was quite the indie rock hangout in 1994 (probably because so many indie rockers worked there) and no doubt deserves a blog entry of its own. But I was living in Columbus at this time, so I'm not really the one to write that entry (Jen, I'm looking in your direction). Still, I do remember that one of the employees actually owned an original print of the first Star Wars movie that they would sometimes screen privately after midnight. Because it was a private screening, they'd let you smoke in the theater, so I may be one of the very few people on this earth who can say he saw Star Wars in a theater while smoking -- a dubious distinction, to be sure, but a rare one at least.

The Page closed its doors some time in the mid-'90s. Someone reopened it in 2004, and at Christmas that year I dragged Val out to see Surviving Christmas (with that delightful Ben Affleck). But by 2006 it was closed again. As far as I know, there are no plans to reopen it.

The reception was held at Canal Street Tavern. I remember that OXYMORONS, CANDYASS, HEIKE, and COLAVISION all played -- and perhaps one or two others (did THE WILL play? Grog?). In between the bands they did all the usual wedding stuff: garter, cake, bouquet (didn't Gail catch the bouquet? or was it Andrea?) Most of the wedding party played in their formal wear. You'll see Jen in her wedding dress. If memory serves (and does it ever?), this is also the night that Jen cut Grog's long hair on stage.

I would assume that Mite has more video from this night. In addition to these two COLAVISION videos, he has at least one video of THE OXYMORONS performing "Little Man Hate" (check the site). HEIKE's first cassette, Precious Underground, features a number of songs from our live set at the reception -- will post soon enough.

Okay, I've been typing for about half an hour now, and this post just isn't rolling like I want it to. Maybe I'm too distracted. Exams are over, but I've about a million things to do today (mow the grass, apply for a job, re-apply for student loans -- the list goes on), so I'm just going to do all that and maybe try to write a more fluid entry on all this some other time.

In the meantime, enjoy the videos. And don't forget to download the COLAVISION record if you like the songs presented here.

take care


ps. "Spasm" is the only COLAVISION song that Jen sang lead on. It's one of those songs we wrote toward the end that I'm sorry I never got a really good recording of. I have a rough mix on cassette of that (and a few others) that we did at Cro-Magnon. I will post it at some point, but the vocals are way, way down in the mix. Sadly, the masters seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth.


mite said...

The Will didn't play at the show although one of the members crashed at my place during the wedding. I remember he was thrilled when he found out I lived above the 'head' shop in Yellow Springs. I know that they did play a battle of the bands show with the Oxy's at Canal Street.

The show where Fen scalped Grog was at the venue that was in backwoods of Huber Heights. I think it was one of the first shows of the Oxy's last tours where most of the shows ended up getting canceled. I believer Grog sold out of Oxymoron T-shirts at that first show.

I remember when Colavision recorded "Spasm" at Cro-mag, although I can't remember why I was there. I always liked the song and was hoping you would post it.

I also remember another time I was at Cro-mag but not sure why, and Nick actually did the vocals to a song. I think it was called "Concrete Ribbons" or something like that. Now that I would like to hear even if it is a rough recording.

I have more videos from the wedding reception coming soon, as well as some other local bands that have recently come into my possesion. I still need to work on the sound. It looks like I'm going to have to record it seperatly from the video so I can improve the sound quality and then mix the two together.

-- mite

The ChickenFish Speaks said...

What a post. Dredging up some great memories and whatnot. The four bands you mentioned were the only ones who played, but Jim from the Will did drive down and join in the fun. That was also the only time let Fen play my was our wedding night after all. Ahhh, "Spasm" the only song I can think of where the lyrics were taken straight from a story in the Weekly World News.

Of course the hair chopping you speak of happened several months earlier at a show in Dayton before we embarked on the road for a week...which turned into only a couple of days.

The private late night showings at Page Manor were the best (thanks Mick wherever you may be). It was like a private party in a movie theater almost every week. The Page really does deserve a post.


jones() said...


The song Nick did the vocals for was "Concrete Ribbon." It was a CANDYASS song. Kattie Dougherty sang backup. He also wrote the bass part. It's quite telling that you write about "Spasm" and then "Concrete Ribbon." If the two are connected in your mind, there's a good reason. Nick stole part of the bass part for his song from ours.

(then again, I think I stole the bass part from Jane's Addiction or something like that)

As far as I know, "Concrete Ribbon" was never released by CANDYASS, but I hear Nick is in the process of remixing all the old CANDYASS material, which will (presumably) then be posted on this blog. However, I have no date on when he might be done with that.

take care


Anonymous said...

Pat Jones is correct on all the details about "Concrete Ribbon". I also stole Kattie's background vocal part from Husker Du's "Up In The Air" (off Warehouse).

The CandyAss songs I am attempting to remix are going to be slow in coming. Dave Britton is doing the engineering. (He has a great ear, and would make a hell of a full time recording engineer/producer with a little real world experience.) Unfortunately, he is in the middle of moving and trying to sell his house, so he doesn't have a whole lot of free time to be mucking about with mixes (especially with more layoffs at LexisNexis hanging over our heads). However, the one song we have mostly done so far sounds great, and I have high hopes for the rest of it when we can get back on task. Unfortunately, "Concrete Ribbon" is not one of the songs. I have 8 songs from our first recording session at Cro-Mag. I know we did at least one other session at Cro-Mag where we recorded at least 2 songs (one of which was "Concrete Ribbon") and at least one session at Hidden Music (I think we recorded a Guided By Voices cover there), and I have no idea where any copies of those recordings would be. If someone knows how to get in touch with Joel, he might know.