Monday, April 7, 2008

CORRECTION notice...

Back in February, Mite posted a video clip from the film The Antioch Adventure, Part 2, and I wrote some observations on it here. In that entry, I assumed that the blonde actress in the clip was Mia Zapata of THE GITS and so did several other viewers who wrote to Mite. However, he has since contacted the director of that film and determined that the girl in the video is NOT Mia. I have updated that entry accordingly, but I wanted to post something here to try to forestall repetition of bad information.

As I always tell my students, the internet's greatest strength is that it's a repository of information on all sorts of topics that are too obscure to merit attention in print, but without the rigorous fact checking process that professional publications go through, the information you find there isn't always reliable. I like to think this blog illustrates both points.

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