Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's nice to know that the more active blogospherians out there are willing to pick up my slack -- even if they don't realize they're doing it.

The amazing Wheat sent me this link to a rip of the 1982 DEMENTIA PRECOX EP, SCHP over at the Thing on the Doorstep blog. Yeah, that's five tracks of Daytonian proto-industrial/goth/punk/whatever straight from the '80s -- delivered to you here in Siglo XXI through the miracle of the internet!

Of course, sometimes I wonder if it really is such a miracle. I mean, yeah it is, but does that really make it a good thing? I think about those people back in 1982 who loved good music so much... who were so dissatisfied with what mainstream pop culture had to offer... who were so thirsty for something different that they might've spent a significant portion of their daily lives tracking down releases like this through obscure mail-order or the few decent record stores that might have carried them. And here we are in the future, where you can get it with a click.
"In here I'm 'the guy who can get it for you.' But out there, all you need is the Yellow Pages."
Morgan Freeman's character (Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding) says that in The Shawshank Redemption -- in a part of the film in which "Red" contemplates how needless his particular skills in acquiring objects would be if he were ever released. How many "Reds" have the internet (and blogs like this) made obsolete? Ah well...

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Anonymous said...

So earlier today I was browsing a forum, and Lolita was the hot topic, and I suddenly remembered how I commented on your blog once saying "i wish for you to be my humbert humbert" or something of that nature. I posted the story to the forum, and an hour later my inbox was filled with 60 new messages of complaints about how what I did was MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE and just flat out wrong.

Anyway, they guilted me into apologizing. SORRY FOR ANY DISTRESS THAT MAY HAVE CAUSED YOU, SIR.

/creepy, (but to be fair this is the first time I've been to your blog since I posted that comment so long ago)

jones() said...

I don't remember it causing me any distress. I thought it was fun. What man could object to anyone wanting to be his Lolita?

I do remember you causing some distress to my worthless, passive-aggressive girlfriend at the time though. For that alone, you've got a big thumbs-up from me.

One piece of advice: never listen to anyone who tells you that anything is "MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE" (especially if they actually typed it in capital letters). Post whatever you want.

take care


David Hintz said...

Damn straight, it's an issue of how easy the music is to get as I was the guy who financed this and lost a bundle on it. Still have a couple copies floating around. Dementia was never captured well on record. This and the first single hit it pretty well along with moments on the cassette, "Huh?". Still see Gyn once in a while far away from Dayton. I worked with Toxic Reasons, too and was at their first show. The Dayton scene was a lot of fun back in the day.