Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock of Ages...

Okay, so they're having some kind of show at Gilly's on Saturday, March 14. Here's the link if you want to know more (about "some kind of show at Gilly's..."):

Here's the lineup:

*Dale Walton

*"The Good Will Ambassadors"
(featuring Ed Pittman & Dan Raridan)

*Nick Kizirnis & Jon Dubuc

* "Venus Love Circus"
(featuring Louie Lerma, EL Bean-Lerma & Nate Bean)

If any of those names mean something to you, you should show up. Basically, the show is all about Dayton music of yesteryear. All these guys played some damn fine music in this shitbox town long ago. And now they're going to play some damn fine music in this town again -- should be good.

My only problem is that they're calling it "Rock of Ages." I hate that name. Def Leppard reference... not good. Not. Just not.

But the lineup looks good. The only one I've never seen play before is Dale Walton. I think I was about twelve when he was doing his thing. The others are all a few years after him, so I've seen them in some band or another over the years. But Dale I never saw. So it should be a good night. I'll be there.

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jones() said...

Shelly Gladgirl posted this comment about the "Rock of Ages" show. Somehow it got posted to the previous entry (about DEMENTIA PRECOX), so I'm reposting it here now:

"Rock of Ages" was the brainstorm of Dale and Ed...a reference to their "oldness"..... I was in that meeting and at no time was Def Lepard ever mentioned THANK GAWD.

Anyway- this really a kick off of sorts to have some periodic reunions. (when we can find the ones who have survived rehab or being raped by the American dream.)

Dale Walton STILL kicks ass and man did he ever do it when he was out touring in the 80's too.
He was WTUE's favorite son during that time and there was always a stage covered w/ panties from the girls in the crowd.

Beyond his amazing voice and guitar wizardry, Dale has a savant like quality when it comes to the music biz too. This guy could write an entire set of rock encyclopedias.
HE is the only reason Dayton still has a first run record store- so praise be to Mr. Walton.
His sons are also ubertalented so there is hope for the future of Dayton rock down the line as well.
The whole damn family is talented and some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet.

Hope you all can make it out that night.

February 27, 2009 11:25 PM

Anonymous said...

Rock of the Aged, maybe? :)

Too bad I'm so far away; I would have dearly loved to have seen John & Nick play together again.