Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[Title of Show]

No more excuses for not updating. I'm just a lazy fucker, and who even knows when I'll do a real update? I totally suck.

But something drifted through my transom today that I thought I should post here. It's only vaguely related to Dayton, and it isn't even indie rock, but here we go anyway.

[Title of Show] is a show currently running on Broadway starring, among others, Susan Blackwell. Susan and I went to high school together at Bethel oh so many years ago. I remember the she and I and Kris Pleis used to spend a bit of time every day together during some math class or other. She was always a good egg, and quite talented. You might have seen her (as I have) in some episode of _The Sopranos_ or _Law & Order_ over the past fifteen years or so.

She and I both went to Wright State after high school, but I pretty much lost track of her there. She was in the Theatre Department doing theatrical stuff, and I was in the English department trying to pass myself off as a college student long enough to score as many free records as possible out of the radio station. I do remember I saw her in sort of minimalist version of _The Elephant Man_, in which she played the Elephant Man himself. But otherwise, I had little idea what was going on with her. Ironically, my ex-wife got to know her better than I did because she was in the theatre department too back then.

Anyway, as far as I know, Susan was never the big indie rocker while she was in Dayton. I don't remember seeing her at shows or anything. So yeah, this is a bit off-topic for this blog. But there's at least some Dayton connection.

Apparently, Susan stars in and co-wrote [Title of Show]. Check out the link for more info. And see it if you're in NYC any time soon.

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