Sunday, August 10, 2008


Okay, so if you read the previous post on SPITCURL, here's some shit you should know. Apparently, I got it all WRONG. And I mean, COMPLETELY WRONG (as my Contracts Professor once wrote on my mid-term exam!). Steve Johnson, who was in SPITCURL, sent me the following gentle correction via e-mail:
Hi Pat! Steve Johnson here of that PLASTIC TREE band. I coincidentally ran accross your blog.... I saw your blog about SPITCURL and thought I'd clarify some stuff...... SPITCURL was a three piece that was me (drums), Brian Bagdonas (upright bass) and Mark Kramer (guitar). Mark sang mostly but we all had vocal parts. Mark Kramer was a tall guy with slicked back hair who was in a band called NEED and after SPITCURL he was in LET'S CRASH. It was a short lived thing, we played some Dayton shows and did a mini tour around Ohio and Indiana. We just made the one cassette EP
that we sold for a few bucks at shows. This was our attemt at a Dischord type band but it actually turned out pretty original sounding.
it was a lotta fun! Hope I could help. ----Steve
Okay, this message prompts a bit more information from me:
  • Brian Bagdonas was in LIQUID DRAINO before SPITCURL.
  • I know Mark Kramer to some limited degree, but I haven't seen him in years. My impression is that he had something to do with SKELETON KEY or ENON or some shit like that... maybe.
  • NEED was a really great band with a cute girl singer, but unfortunately, I have not yet run across any recordings by them, so don't look for any NEED posts in the foreseeable future.
  • I believe I have a 7" record or something by LET'S CRASH (courtesy of Gail Dafler).
  • So it looks like the songs I put up in the previous post were on some kind of cassette release at some point. Thanks again to Chris Wright for delivering this stuff to me.
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Anonymous said...

The cute girl singer in Need was the incomparable Elisha Frontz. She used to work with me at Truffles.
She also happens to have been the singer in Irish Leo.