Wednesday, August 6, 2008


To the previous post, I wanted to add that I cross-checked the tracks I put up yesterday with the tracks that are available for download on the DEMENTIA PRECOX Myspace site. Here are the results:
  • "Maladie s'spirit," "Just for a Little While," and "Everything is Fine," which are all included in yesterday's download pack, are also available for download on the Myspace page. The versions of on the Myspace page are of far higher fidelity.
  • "Dead on 2 Legs" and "Carpools Save Gas" were NOT available in yesterday's download but ARE available on the Myspace page. Go get 'em!
  • The ID3 tag information for the MP3s on the Myspace page places "Dead on 2 Legs" and "Just for a Little While" in 1984.
  • The same information places "Just for a Little While" and "Everything is Fine" on a release entitled HUH.
Finally, yesterday I identified DEMENTIA PRECOX as a "new wave" band. To be more complete, I should add "industrial" and perhaps "experimental" to that description.

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