Friday, August 8, 2008

SPITCURL, 5 songs (unknown, 199?)

Okay, here's some SPITCURL...

...and that means that, once again, it's time for another patented Jones "I DUNNO!" post!

That's right! Once again, I don't know shit about these guys... EXCEPT...
  • I am 99% certain that Sheldon Mutter (from LIQUID DRAINO) was in this band.
  • Maybe Chris Wright (of NOSTROMO) was in it too.
HOLY SHIT! I have to interject here that, as I type this, Law & Order is on and Sam Waterston as the self-righteous prosecutor just intoned the right-wing phrase that I hate the most: "personal responsibility." Yeah, his character just said, "This is all an attempt to avoid personal responsibility!" Goddammit! Why do I watch this stupid program? "Because you're an idiot!" replies Wynona Ryder. Oh Wynona, if only I could believe you!
  • Shit, I forgot where I was... fuck... uh...
  • Oh yeah, I don't know for sure if Chris Wright was in SPITCURL. No doubt, he would know. And if he's reading, I hope he corrects my lame ass!
  • I saw SPITCURL at some point in the mid-'90s at one of those Ken Gross shows over at that place in that strip mall in Fairborn. Does anybody know what they called that place? Please tell me! I think my band HEIKE might have played there once. I know for sure that SLANT 6 (from D.C. -- on Dischord Records) played there, and I'm pretty sure it was the same show at which I saw SPITCURL. Help? Anybody?
  • I have no idea if these songs were on any kind of official release that SPITCURL did or even if SPITCURL ever released anything. I have no idea where they were recorded, who wrote the songs, or anything else. All of this was in a big download package that Chris Wright sent me a few months back. If you can fill in the blanks, feel free!
  • In any case, SPITCURL was pretty kick-ass! They had a great name, and they played this wonderful variety of mid-'90s noise/emo! I still miss 'em. And you are going to fucking love them! Guaranteed!
By the way, that show with SLANT 6 was fucking awesome. The lead singer, Christina (SHIT!) Billotte, had wonderfully short blond hair and wore this dark blue mini-dress -- very cute.

Track list:
  1. Build You Elegant
  2. Crushable
  3. Painting Little Thunderstorm
  4. Present Testament
  5. There is a Person in Here
Download It! 13 MB (link re-upped on 2-1-2013)

Yeah, SPITCURL... get it.

take care



Big In Day-town said...

"Won't someone tell me why I smoke these cigarettes?"

"Because you're an idiot, Dad."

"Oh yeah, that's it!"

jones() said...

Alright! Someone finally got one of my stupid pop culture references!

For those not cool enough to know, it's from the 1987 blockbuster film _Heathers_, starring Wynona Ryder and Christian Slater. There are actually two such exchanges in _Heathers_. In the first, Veronica's (Wynona's) dad says, "Will someone please tell me why I smoke these damn things?" (referring to his cigars). In the second, he says the same about "why I read these stupid spy novels." To both, she replies, "Because you're an idiot." And he goes, "Oh yeah... that's it!"

Ultimate kudos to Mel for that one!

take care