Thursday, February 21, 2008


Let me say this: the phrase "Guided by Voices" may very well be one of the best band names of all time -- near genius use of language to title a music group. It's got rhythm. It's got depth. But not too much of either. I love it.

But otherwise, I honestly never thought much of GUIDED BY VOICES. I never got the whole craze surrounding them. I mean, it's good rock and roll, but if I have to hear one more GBV fan tell me what a genius Bob Pollard is, I'm gonna plotz. Maybe what I need to do is download all their stuff from some file-sharing service and just listen to it over and over until I love it so much that I would drink their dirty bathwater. Maybe that's the way to go.

Anyway, I ran across this page over at the old GBV site full of MP3s just sitting there waiting for download by some uninformed fan. If you fit that description, no need to thank me.

take care


ps. In case you're wondering, the absolute worst band name of all time is (drum roll...) FILTER.


Anonymous said...

I thought the best band name of all time was The Shatners. I must be mistaken.


jones() said...

The Shatners is a good band name, but it depends on a pop-culture reference. Therefore, it cannot be a truly great band name.

JR said...

Here are some other GBV MP3 downloads.

Shoeless said...

Best band name:
The Tragically Hip

Bruce Kettelle said...

Best band name; Human Sexual Response (from Boston)
Worst: too many to name but I especially like to hate those that mention private body parts or bodily excretions. UGH what were those guys thinking.

Brushback said...

What the heck? Tragically Hip and Human Sexual Response have always been terrible names. Not sure what you guys are thinking...