Sunday, February 10, 2008

Myspace stuff...

I recently revived my Myspace page -- and by the way isn't "My Myspace" an incredibly awkward construction? Have you ever heard anyone say it out loud without having to say it at least twice to get the point across? You'd think Tom or somebody would've thought of that when they were kicking around domain names (then again, you'd have also thought they would get technical people who know what they're doing, and they sure as fuck didn't do that!

But where was I? Oh yeah, my Myspace (dammit...) page. Yeah, I got it like two years ago at the same time Chuck and I built The Vectors' Myspace page (which seems to have simply disappeared at some point). Then I forgot about it. Then I remembered it for a couple months about a year later. Then I forgot about it again until a few weeks ago. So yeah, I revived m--, I mean, I uh... I revived that page.

Anyway, the informative point of this post is threefold (god I love compounds that end in "-fold" -- "billfold," "gatefold," "three-, four-, five-, sixty-seven-, eight hundred-ninety-nine-fold"):

1. I ran across the REAL LULU Myspace page, where I found the song "Chief" (as in the video Mite posted yesterday at YouTube) available for download. I added it to my page, so if you go there, you can hear it. And if you click on my little player thinger (left side of the page -- can't miss it), you'll get to the REAL LULU page where you can download it and another song too.

2. If you browse through my paltry friends list, you might find a familiar Dayton face or two (in case anybody's looking for anybody) as well as a few Dayton bands from days of yore and today (most with downloadable music).

3. If you have a Myspace account, you better fucking friend me while you're there, dammit! Yeah, much as I'm dubious about the cultural value of the Myspace image, I have to admit that it makes it very easy for a natural loner like myself (who's absolutely awful at staying in touch) to keep up with people that I sincerely would like to keep up with.

Anyway, that's it.

We have a special treat coming up for posting on Tuesday (which happens to be my 39th birthday). Yes, it's an extra-extra-long post and really crappy quality recording from that most beloved of all departed Daytonians, BEN SCHELKER (who?...).

Until then...



Fatty Fatty TwoByForty said...

How funny ... I just finally deleted my MySpace page (FINALLY! The damn thing refused to let me go). Need: More Vectors. Need: An entry on GAIL DAFLER, dammit! Glad: Real Lulu goodness. Good luck, Jones.

btlsmum said...

Damn, you're old!! How shall we celebrate your birth?

jones() said...

Well, let's see... we could play pool and drink beer at the Belle, or we could... uh... drink beer and play pool at the Belle.