Tuesday, December 24, 2013

X-Mas Present: Remembering Canal St. Tavern

On Black Friday of this year, Andy Valeri  and Rev. Cool put together a radio show tribute to Canal Street Tavern and proprietor Mick Montgomery.  It was a 4-hour extravaganza of Dayton indie rawk and Canal Street regulars paying their respects in song and story to the memory of the place and what it meant to us.  Now, for those who missed it (or would just like to hear it again), IRememberDayton presents a keepsake download of the entire show for your listening pleasure.  If you're still not sure what this thing is all about, just check the last few entries on this blog.

Anyway, this is IRememberDayton's X-Mas present this year.  Have a great holiday, everybody!  Wish I could write more, but this holiday is shaping up to be busier than I imagined.

Download it!   (248 MB) -- be prepared!  It's a big one!

take care,



Aos Crowley said...

Hey, This is Matt Dean. I was heavily in the Dayton punk/industrial/new wave scene in the mid 1980's. I would love to chat and catch up. Unfortunately, do to my mispent youth, I can't remember if we know each other or not.

I knew Dennis Schlichter very well, as well as Grog (Greg S. right?), Mike Potential (Safreed), Big Brown House, The Gits, 7 Year Bitch, Toxic reasonsetc. as well as played in many bands and jammed with a lot of people. In fact, you may have been at shows and/or parties that I was in/threw.

Anyway, enough stroking my own fur.I'd love to catch up and share a few stories, etc. I also have a copy, somewhere, of Limited Potential's 1st compilation CD which had many Dayton Bands on it.

Anyone from the scene that wants to contact me, please try tesseract69@yahoo.com

Thanks, and nice to see your great site. I am glad someone is keeping the history of the Dayton scene and Canal Street Tavern, The Jockey Club, amazing shows and all those house parties...

Matt Dean aka Icky Vile

Ritch Kerns said...

I decline to comment because Lost Marble Collection has been disenfranchised from this bolg.

Duluoz said...

Hey Jones, I see that you haven't updated the blog in awhile, so I hope this manages to get to you.

Would you happen to have any stories/songs from either Cigarhead or Honeyburn? It's hard to even come across information on either band, and I figured someone from the Dayton indie scene in the 90's would be the best source to go to!