Saturday, February 9, 2008

Off-Site: REAL LULU, "Chief" video at YouTube

Mike Kilbourne (a.k.a. "Mite" -- who used to work at WWSU and later co-edited MUTANT RENEGADE ZINE with Grog) put this video for the REAL LULU song "Chief" up over at YouTube. As of this writing, it's the only video up there, but by the time you read this, there may be more. If not, Mite has informed me that there's more coming soon (UPDATE: looks there's a MORELLA'S FOREST video there too now).

The video features the talents of Kattie Dougherty (voice, guitar), Sharon Gavlick (voice, bass), and Jim MacPherson (drums). Most of you probably already know that Jim played in THE BREEDERS during the Last Splash era. He also drummed with THE KILLJOYS (a.k.a. THE RAGING MANTRAS) from approximately 1988-1992. In addition to REAL LULU, I'm sure he played with some other Dayton bands in the late '90s, but I don't know specifics on that.

As I remember, Kattie did some brief guitar service in THE BREEDERS. She was also the original singer for THE PURE PLASTIC TREE, and she and I did a handful of acoustic shows together at Canal Street's Musician's Co-op oh so long ago.

I don't know what other bands Sharon might have been in, but having been married to Andy Valeri for a while, it wouldn't surprise me to learn she did a lot of work down at Miami Valley Cable Council.

The video was directed by Steve Bognar, of whom I have only the vaguest impression. I'm sure I met him at some point or other and saw more than one of his films at the many indie film events at the Neon Movies I used to go to. To be sure, Dayton's contributions to indie film and video deserve a decent blog or other chronicle of their own somewhere, but my involvement with all that extends no further than a ten-week intro-to-film course at Wright State University back in '92 -- and I'm pretty sure I didn't even pass. Anyway, Steve's been involved with a number of film projects around here and elsewhere. No doubt you can find out more with a Google search if you want to.

Anyway, it's good to know someone's finally getting around to posting some Dayton indie rock video over at YouTube. Once again, however, I will urge Grog, Andy Valeri, and that bastard TOM FUCKING CARTER to get their asses in gear and follow Mite's example.

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