Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ALERT: TOXIC REASONS, "War Hero" (7" vinyl, 1980) at Killed by Death

Killed by Death has posted a rip of the "War Hero" 7" by TOXIC REASONS, the band that put Dayton on the indie rock map.

Go get it!

Don't forget to get the images as well. There's a JPEG of a flyer for a TOXIC REASONS show with SNARE AND THE IDIOTS (there's a blast from the past) at Lousiville's now defunct Jockey Club (probably the only place within 70 miles of Dayton to see good punk rock before 1984 or so).

Also try sifting through the archives on the KBD main site for other stuff (not from Dayton, but good).

take care



Paul said...

Nice work. I have all the old Obvious cassette stuff, if you're interested: Live Away from Home, which is the tour thing they did in '86 or '87 to support Home, much recorded at CBGB opening for Pixies, a few other live things of Building Lounge and Canal Street shows. Kizirnis probably has these, too, since he was the band's "archivist."

Some Pleasure's Pale vinyl around somewhere, too. Never my favorite, but picked it up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The Toxic Reasons... I was so in LOVE with their music when I was a kid. My mom and her siblings would all go see them play, but I never got to see them live- ohwell, maybe a portion of a song, went to see them once (and was so elated), but somebody threw a beer bottle at the band and they quit playing (they warned they would). Man, was I bummed. I wrote JJ Pearson and told him that. He couldn't recall that they would have quit playing over that- but they did! My mom came home after one show, and she said, "I couldn't believe it. there we were, dancing, then all of the sudden, four big guys started pushing me around on the dance floor, then pushing each other around." I was like, "Those Mo'fo's"! Slam dancing arrives in Dayton, 1980 (?).
My family were good friends to those starving artists back in the day...
JJ's new solo work is really good too. Hope to add both his and TR work to the "She" soundtrack.