Sunday, July 20, 2008

THE VECTORS video at YouTube...

Yeah, Chuck and I played at Gail's party a couple of weeks ago. Dennis Schlichter was kind enough to take these videos. This blog is ordinarily concerned only with Dayton music that is at least ten years old, but what the fuck? The blog's on hiatus, and it's still my blog, and this is my band.

Here they are:

"Stupid Shit" - Just Gail and me and everybody screwing around. I had to include this one because it features me comparing myself to Robert Plant.

"Three Candles" - A song I wrote for Oakley. His favorite part (and mine) is where my guitar strap falls off. He laughed his ass off when he saw that.

"Bang Your Head" - The Vectors covering the Quiet Riot classic (or as much of it as we can remember -- which isn't very much at all), featuring Gail Dafler on vocals.

I'll be uploading these to The Vectors' Myspace page as well.

Now I'll go back to playing my small part in contributing to this nation's repository of legal wisdom! (Are you scared yet? You will be the next time you need a lawyer!)

take care


1 comment:

Big In Day-town said...

Gail Dafler = Rock-chotic goddess

Guitar strap = pretty good necktie

House shows where someone doesn't erase the premiere (and only) performance of Dayton's newest, most rawk-tastic female duo = priceless