Sunday, January 20, 2008

Off-site: OMATIC & SHESUS at Last Days of Man on Earth

Someone posted a comment asking if the blog is dead. It's only been 12 days since the last post (we've gone longer than that before), so I think the question is a bit premature. But just to be clear: nope, the blog's still going. But I'm back to school now, so things will be slower -- probably not quite as slow as they got last semester (where I basically had to shut down the blog for about two months), but slower nonetheless. But I've still got tons of stuff to put up, and I don't see me getting tired of blathering about my misspent 20s any time soon. So one way or another, we'll be going for a long time.

On other topics, I generally skim a lot of other music blogs, and every now and then I come across something with a Dayton connection. So as I did with TOXIC REASONS a couple months ago, I will post links to any Dayton stuff I find on those other blogs. As it happens, I ran across some such stuff just a few minutes ago. Here it is now to tide you over between now and the next entry here:

A great write-up on the band OMATIC with a download link for the full album Dog Years.

Another such write-up on SHESUS with download links for selections from Ruined It for You and Shesus Loves You (the blogger doesn't offer the full recordings because they're apparently still for sale somewhere).

I was glad to find these because I hadn't planned on posting anything here on SHESUS and I've only got one seven-inch by OMATIC. But both are great bands worth remembering.

Both of these are from the excellent Last Days of Man on Earth blog. While you there, check out the rest of it. Great stuff.

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