Thursday, January 31, 2008

Off-Site: HUMAN SWITCHBOARD at Last Days of Man on Earth

Human SwitchboardHere's a link to another great find over at Last Days of Man on Earth. It's a great write up on the '80s new wave/art-rock act HUMAN SWITCHBOARD with download links for their album Who's Landing in My Hangar?

HUMAN SWITCHBOARD was not from Dayton. They were from Kent, but they played here fairly regularly and appeared on Jim Carter's foundational compilation It's Hard to Be Cool in an Uncool World, which also featured Dayton bands THE OBVIOUS and THE HIGHWAYMEN (I'll be posting this comp as well as stuff by those two bands at some point in the future).

Kent is also the home of the '80s art rock combo BAD CRABS. Since I've got the BAD CRABS' tape Baddest Crabs/Ugliest Flowers I'll post that at some point too.

Check it out!

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Joe Stumble said...

Ironically enough, I picked up this Human Switchboard LP in Dayton at a Goodwill down by the Dayton Mall!

Anonymous said...

ironically i picked up one up too. then only to read the lead singer bob pfeifer got arrested a bunch of times and is being sentenced to prison next month (just google him or the band and see) pretty pathetic how his life turned out - wiretapping, narcotics, hookers, prison ;(

Stopheles said...

Hi, any chance that you could post the "Hard to Be Cool" comp? I haven't heard it in 20 years and am dying to get the original version of "Going Going Gone" by the Reducers (and to rediscover all the other stuff).