Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Two things:

1. The hard drive on my computer went kerplewey the other night, so posting will be delayed for a few days while I get it together.

2. Ben Schelker died ten years ago today. I had intended to post a live recording of one of Ben's an acoustic shows today, but now that'll have to wait until probably Monday.

3. Apparently, a more recent contributor to the Dayton music scene died yesterday. I didn't know him, and before this I had never heard of his band (HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS). But anyone who's crazy enough to make music in this town shouldn't go unacknowledged, at least in death. Read the story here.

take care


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psychogail said...

Pat Jonesy,

I will try to get updated material for about from Dennis Schlictor. He's bound to have numerous Mom recordings.

Take care of yourself and I hope to see an update soon. I love reading this blog!!!!