Thursday, November 15, 2007

FYI: more Lance J Church...

Just wanted to add a bit about Lance Hahn in the wake of his passing (see previous post).

I checked my usual audio blog haunts and could find no offerings for J CHURCH (which makes sense since most of their stuff has been released on CD), but I did find a couple of compilations that CRINGER was on over at Something I Learned Today:

"Burn Down the Forest," from the More Songs About Plants and Trees 7" comp on Allied Recordings (1990)

"Take Back the Night," from the Metal Gives Us a Headache 7" comp on Hippycore (1988)

Both are great tunes, worth downloading.

And e-music has some good stuff too for subscribers:

J Church bio and downloads - If you're a member of e-music, I suggest you go for the Tide of Fate EP or the collection Camels, Spilled Corona, and the Sound of Mariachi Bands. "Bomb" (which is on the latter) is probably their best tune (my old band HEIKE covered it once or twice, and I've played it acoustically scads of times). Both records are J CHURCH in their prime, but really, this band never lost a step at any point in their career, so anything you get is likely to be good.

The Thing That Ate Floyd (compilation) from Lookout! Records - This is the only CRINGER I could find on e-music, which is a shame, but "Cottleston Pie" is a good song. How many punk bands could get away with writing a song about Winnie the Pooh and making fun of BLACK FLAG at the same time? ("It's not my imagination! There's a Winnie the Pooh on my baaaaaaaaack...").

One last thing about Lance: when my now ex-wife and I were living together in the '90s, she had a fish tank full of fish which sat in this day room in a house we were renting in Yellow Springs. The day room got a lot of sun and Andrea just sort of forgot they were there for a few weeks (months). When we finally got around to attending to them, all but about three inches of water had evaporated and only one fish was still alive. We named him Lance and put him in a jug of water on the table in the living room so we wouldn't forget about him. He had a pretty good life in that jug from then on, except that Black Francis (the cat) would periodically come over and drink some of his water (or, as we termed it, drink part of "Lance's universe"). Still, that fish was a survivor...

Okay, as promised, there will be new DAYTON stuff on this blog over the weekend.

take care



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