Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I changed the settings for posting comments so that people can post anonymously.

Also see the new links under "good for Dayton..." (to the right). You'll find the Mutant Renegade site, which has lots of info on past Dayton bands, and The Chickenfish Speaks, which seems to be Grog's general music site (lots of reviews and video and such).

If you've been wondering what Deni (TOOBA BLOOZE) Wilson's been up to in the last fifteen years, you could follow the link to his MySpace page (thanks to Tony for that one). Lots of music from him and his wife there.

And finally, we've got Steven Gullet's page with links to Dayton bands (past and present), clubs, history, and photos. While you're there, look on the left side of the page. Under MY MUSIC, you'll find links to Steve's old bands and current ones. A quick scan of pages reveals MP3 downloads on most (just in case your hunger for Dayton indie rock remains unsatiated by this blog right here).

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