Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Call...

Teresa and I went down to Canal Street this morning to offer Mick a little moral support as he got the sign taken down and the rest of his stuff moved out. We weren't there that long, but Teresa snapped some nice pictures.  Here's one of them.

If you're even casually acquainted with this blog, then you know that I'm not usually inclined to let a picture (or anything else... or anyone else...) do the talking. But Teresa and her iPhone have expressed pretty much everything I've been thinking and feeling about Canal Street over the past few days better than any more words of mine could.

take care,



Aos Crowley said...

if you still run this blog, contact me please. I believe you have my email from my account on this site. if not, please reply to this comment.

I have a whole history that compliments what you have here, and I think that you'd enjoy it.

jones() said...

Do I have your e-mail on this page somewhere? Sorry 'bout that. Just let me know where. And yes, I'd love to see the stuff you've received. Mind sending it to fury_lmd@hotmail.com ?