Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off-Site: Dayton Garage Bands of the '60s, YouTube

Just ran across this interesting little video that someone shared on Facebook. It features the music of a dozen bands from the Dayton area of long ago. The 1960s are sort of outside the usual scope of this blog, but it's still Dayton and it's still indie rock.

I don't have any information on this video or the LP it's about other than what you'll get by watching it. If you know anything about it, feel free to add your information in the comments. Or if you happen to have a copy of this record I could borrow, I'd be happy to make a rip and post it here some time.

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Anonymous said...

Check the "Other" inbox of your Facebook page, you boob.


jones() said...

There is no "other" inbox on my FB page. If you want to contact me, leave contact info in a comment. I'll see it, but it won't show up here.

take care,


Steven said...

I had no idea this blog had been restarted!

Born and raised Daytonian here, been trying my best to leave it forever but it sticks with you.

Thank you for the information and the links, I'd found this blog after most of the stuff had been deleted. It's a nice surprise to see it re-uploaded!

Not sure if you're still involved in the scene or even in the city, but a few friends of mine released one hell of a weirdo-jazz-metal record a few years back. Toads and Mice's Dark Party, up for free on bandcamp:

Also, what do you know/have from Cigarhead? I've spoken to the nice guys who played in Morsel and I guess they toured together frequently. They're from my hometown and I haven't heard a note of their music!

Anyways, thank you for your hard work and your devotion both to this blog and the Dayton music scene!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Kettering, but I'm very frequently in Dayton (mostly Sourh Park or Fifth St.). Been in a few bands myself, mainly punk stuff. I'm friends with Randy Buhr's brother and Shut Up and The Adversaries and Sok! and bands like that influence my music a lot. I just think this is a sween blog. I hear there's a pretty solid house-show culture growing in South Park but maybe it was there before and I'm just late to the game.