Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, little Oakley... and some NEWS!

First, today is little Oakley's birthday, so for purely self-indulgent reasons, I wanted to RE-post this bit from a VECTORS' show that took place at Gail's lovely Millennium House about three years ago. It's a song I wrote for Oakley's third birthday. And yeah... it's his tenth now and I have yet to record a decent version of it or even finish the lyrics. They keep changing as he grows older, but in every version, you can hear, "But there's a good life in the meantime. It's a good time to be three. Happy birthday, little Oakley!" One of these days, I'll finalize the thing, but for now, happy birthday, little Oakley, once again:

Now as for the news part: I just want to say that I've got lots of rips in the can right now. I've got the U.S. MODS 1987 album, In the Free World. I've got the double compilation LP, Breathe on the Living, featuring spoken word and music from both Dayton artists and others from parts far flung from 1989. I've got zine scans from Jen Angel's immortal Fucktooth and Greg Simmerlink's... uhm... LESS than mortal Mutant Renegade. I've got cassettes from BAD CRABS (Kent, OH), BLUE OTHELLO (Cincinnati), and COLONEL BLEEP (Dayton). I've got seven-inches from PRETTY MIGHTY MIGHTY and CANDYASS. And it's all coming your way. Check back next Friday.

take care



Steven said...

Hey Jones, I just thought I'd ask if you could reupload the links to the Cage/Tigerlilies split, Dancing on Billy's Grave (Bash on Regardless too, if you wouldn't mind) and anything you have from Cigarhead. Thanks for all the work you've put into this blog, shame the links keep going down.

jones() said...

Well, it only took a year, but some of that's done now. The Cage/Tigerlilies split is re-upped. _Bash on, Regardless_ will be coming in the next day or two. Unfortunately, I don't have anything from Cigarhead. As for _Dancing on Billy's Grave_, that's never beenon this blog. I'll add it some day, but I've got other stuff I want to rip first (although if you're looking for Oxymorons stuff, I just uploaded the _Ubu Dance Party_ CD -- we were on that).

take care,


Criffert said...

Whatever happened to the US Mods? Did you ever post their songs? I was a student at UD from 1982-1986. I used to own a demo cassette copy of "From the Free World" but I don't know what happened to it. Tom gave it to me. Sometimes he went by the name Sam B Sonic. Bruce "Moose" Warren was the base player for a band called Trouser Mice. The guys were all good friends and hung out together.

jones() said...

I've linked to some youtube videos from them on this site. I have done a vinyl rip of "From the Free World," but for now I've decided not to post it because somebody appears to be selling it through CDBaby: