Monday, July 6, 2009

DR. CREEP benefit, July 18

About this same time last summer, I happened upon some YouTube videos from the old SHOCK THEATRE program that prompted a sort of quasi-love-letter/memoir about Dr. Creep.

Now as you all know, I'm deeply into bar study these days, but a little news about the Creep's recent health problems has drifted through my transom. Unfortunately, I can't be more specific than that because I just haven't been paying that much attention. Still, something tells me you can get the full scoop at the MySpace site for the Dr. Creep Benefit show.

Basically, I'm only posting this to try to spread the word about the benefit. I can't be there, but if at all possible, I think you should go. And if you can't, see if you can donate a little something to the cause. I'll be throwing in the few bucks I can afford as soon as the next paycheck comes in.

Creep was always my favorite local celebrity. And even though he's already a legend in the Miami Valley and has been for some time, I'm not ready to let the ages have him -- not yet.

No matter what, the spirit of the Creep will haunt this town forever. But the man still has good work to do. Let's keep him around as long as possible. See the show, and give what you can.

take care


ps. Thanks to Teresa for the scan of the flier and the heads-up on this story.


C Jones said...

Hoo hah hah haaaaaaaah...

Damn if that still gets to me after all these years...

Anonymous said...

When R U going to post more. You're finally done with your bar so you can stop delaying the next installment.

Andy Rowe said...

I thought you were gonna start churning out some content now that you've finished the law degree!

Anonymous said...

What is going on with you? You have been silent for too long!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dreaming that this blog is updated regularly at Christmas.



Anonymous said...

i'm apparently being forced to mc the joy division/new order tribute show, says louie

for your information.

Anonymous said...

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