Thursday, October 11, 2007

FYI: Happy Halloween and goodbye for a while...

Okay, law school and work are just dominating my goddamn life right now, so I have to put the blog (and a couple of other things) on hold for a bit or I'll just go fucking insane.

You can expect posting to resume about a month from now (let's say, Wednesday, November 14).

In the meantime, I thought I'd upload my 2007 Halloween compilation CD. The tracks all overlap a bit, so I'm just posting it in one big MP3. There are no bands from Dayton on it, but it's full of Halloween themed music from punk and indie rockers of the past and present, as well as long lost radio spots for cheesy horror movies of the '60s and '70s -- and then there's maybe one or two surprises in addition. Overall, I'd say it's a fine soundtrack for chic Halloween parties and general mayhem. Dig...

Track List:

1. The Young Ones, "Only pop music can save us now..."
2. The Revillos, "Voodoo"
3. The Specials, "Ghost Town"
4. The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (radio spot)
5. Martinibomb & the Coconut Monkeyrocket, "Munsterbeat"
6. The Meteors, "Graveyard Stomp"
7. The Ghastly Ones, "Spooky Girl"
8. The Astro Zombies (radio spot)
9. The Aquabats, "Fashion Zombies"
10. Rodd Keith, "Run Spook Run"
11. Groovie Ghoulies, "The Beast With Five Hands"
12. Asylum of the Insane (radio spot)
13. Teenage Bottlerocket, "Bloodbath at Burger King"
14. Dave Gardner, "Mad Witch"
15. Nekromantix, "Horny in a Hearse"
16. Intermission at the Skyland Drive-In Theater, Greenville, SC (ca 1964)
17. The Cripplers, "Church of the Holy Spook"
18. Camper Van Beethoven, "Devil Song"
19. Wesley Willis, "Creep Show"
20. Magic (radio spot)
21. Blue Meanies, "Creepy"
22. Jupiter Jones, "The Spook Spoke"
23. Violent Femmes, "Werewolf"
24. That Crazy Mixed-Up Dr. Evil (radio spot)
25. Tre' Lux, "Every Day is Halloween"
26. Revillos, "Voodoo 2"

Also included in the download package is a CD label and cover containing the same stuff you see in the pictures with this entry (which you can click on to see larger versions if you want to read my chatty comments about each track). Both are in MS Publisher format.

Download It! (80 MB)

And since this is a blog about Dayton music, I'll add that if you're looking for more Halloween-themed tuneage, you can do no better than The Lawn Jockeys' 2001 CD, "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre! Starring Dr. Creep!" The Lawn Jockeys were, of course, a Dayton band. Ed Lacy (of KILLJOYS, RAGING MANTRAS, CAGE, etc.) played keyboards for them, but I don't remember who else. But not only is this a Halloween-themed disc by a Dayton band, but it celebrates a Dayton icon: Dr. Creep! Some day, I'll do a whole blog entry on Dr. Creep, Shock Theatre, and what both meant to people who grew up in this town in the '70s. But for now, I'll just throw links at you:

Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre available for download at E-Music (a pay site, but worth it)

Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre available for purchase at the Big Beef Records site

Profile of the Lawn Jockeys (with video of them performing during a Shock Theatre marathon!) at the Big Beef Records site

The Official Home of Dr. Creep and Shock Theatre on the Web

take care (and see you in November)



matt d. said...

pj — I've been listening all morning. thanks. this is great. i haven't heard "ghost town" in years. i first saw it as a video on nightflights, an old video show on USA networks when i was a kid. great tuff.

lo said...

what a great mix.
youre such a hottie