Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LOVE LIES BLEEDING, Under the Gloss (cassette, 1996)

The main focus of this blog is Dayton music from about 1987-1994, but the only rule is that it has to be at least 10 years old and something that no one is distributing commercially anymore. With that in mind, today's post from 1996 is the most recent offering we've had so far. It's a cassette from LOVE LIES BLEEDING, a great post-punk band fronted by Steven Gullet.

There are really only two things I can say about Steven. First, he's a songwriter of exceptional talent--always has been. His previous bands include FREAKSTROBE, MYSTERY ADDICTS, and STAR HEARTLESS. The links in the previous sentence will take you to individual pages about each band, most of which have MP3s for download. You can get MP3s of Steven's solo music here.

Second, Steven's always had my vote for Best Dressed Man in Dayton -- no shit. He's always been a big glam rock fan and so understands that fashion itself can be an art form. I know BRAINIAC had those fashion spreads in Spin but if the editors of that magazine had any sense, they would have shot Steven too. Anyway, I know I'd pay real money for his wardrobe. Check out the photos on the band pages linked in the previous paragraph and see.

The package for download contains the 1996 cassette Under the Gloss by LOVE LIES BLEEDING. This band was:

Steven Gullet - voice, guitar
Jimmy Magnuson - drums
George Bradley - bass, voice

Before this band, George had played in SOURBELLY. After LOVE LIES BLEEDING broke up, he would go on to play bass for THE JACKALOPES.

You can read a bio and get more MP3s for LOVE LIES BLEEDING here.

Steve's current bands were SNAKE OIL and THE AMERICAN STATIC -- but not anymore. Sadly, it looks like Steven, along with his time-travelling companion Angelle, will be forsaking our fair city in just a few days. We who remain stuck here wish both of them all the best in Los Angeles. However, Steven will be flying back for a farewell-Dayton performance with THE AMERICAN STATIC at the 2007 Dayton Music Fest. Don't miss it.

Track List:

1. Imitation Roses
2. D-Sensitize
3. Cure 4 Boredom
4. Teenage Anorexic Sex Gods
5. Stain Me
6. Forever Unable
7. Open Yr Escape
8. Zero
9. Hanging the Jester
10. Cool and Fade (on the Rocks)

Download it! (49 MB) (link re-upped on 2-1-2013)

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Anonymous said...

professor humbert, what non-dayton bands do you raik~

deadender said...

Links dead... would really love to hear this if it's not a problem?